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Can anyone tell me facts about The Plague?

Can you remember when we learnt about The Plague at the beginning of the year?


It was an illness in the olden days that there was no cure for and people died from it.


I would like to hear your facts down below. smileysmileysmiley

Descriptive Writing

We were doing some descriptive writing about Pandora so can you do a short description of it including the hallelujah mountains, the Na'vi's, and the creatures.


You can include any description you like as long as it has something to do with Pandora.




Fronted Adverbials

Modal Verbs


Subordinate Conjunctions




Can anyone give me any facts about any planets?


If you don't I'm sure everyone will know a lot about them next half term when we learn about them!


Remember I'm sure everyone knows but Pluto is no longer a planet it is too small so now it is known as a dwarf planet.

Being an evacuee in the WW2

If I was an evacuee in the WW2 I would be nervous and a bit scared because I would not like living in a different house, especially with different people because I wouldn't feel comfortable at all.


How would you feel being an evacuee in the WW2, nervous and scared or excited?blushblushblush


WW2 recipes of food

Can anyone tell me any of the recipes of the food in the WW2?


If you don't know anything about the recipes of the food in the WW2, go to...


World War 2 History cookbook - Cookit!


On that web page click on any food on there and then copy everything on the 'ABOUT THIS RECIPE' paragraph.

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